Friday, December 2, 2011


I can get out & walk like it's nobodies business. When my feet hit the pavement I am gone. Friends have complained I walk too fast, but working Downtown if you need to get somewhere and have little time, you need to get shuffling (everyday I'm shufflin'...sorry couldn't resist)
You would think I would harness this power for the greater exercise good and/or you would think my butt would be a lot smaller given all walking I do. My calves have supplied all the muscle and let me tell you I can crack a walnut with those things.
I can walk 8 blocks in just under a minute & a half. Believe me I have timed myself. This is only if the crosswalks work with me. This may be a small accomplishment to some but I am pretty proud of my record!
Which brings me to the reason for this post.
This morning I had a competitor. That's right.
I got of the bus in normal fashion, at my usual stop and took off with my ear buds blarring in my ears. Stepping to the beat, I noticed someone coming up behind me & coming into my corner. He cut me off at the pass & I knew it was on! I was on his tail, him in his over sized wool coat, leather satchel, & red Nike shoes.
We went head to head for 4 blocks. I started gaining the edge, I know he saw me in all my gray & blue sparkly Nike glory. I know they intimidated him.
We were crossing the final street before my destination & I knew I had to take him. That's where I smoked him, left him in the dust. I climbed the stairs to my building & did my victory dance in pure Rocky fashion, as he sat there in defeat & went his separate way into his building with his head hung in shame. (ok so I may have exaggerated on that part.)
Call me a dork, crazy, or what have you but this little thing totally made my day.
In your face red Nike shoe man!

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