Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was at work today being all productive when I get an email titled "Awkward Family Holiday Pictures" of course I clicked on it and spent a hour a little time looking at them. I was laughing so hard that people probably thought I was having cardiac arrest in my cubicle.
And I thought our picture attempt was bad.

Here are some of my favorites:

This is just wrong on so many do not sit that close to a fireplace with a bare bum

  • What's the trend here with men without shirts?
  •  uhhh.........

 Mrs. Claus must have a second job

 come on know you're laughing too

 check out that arm under the package!

Seriously I could go on. I laughed so hard I was crying & I think some of my co-workers think there is something seriously wrong with me (if they already didn't think that). But I don't give a shite, cause after today I have a mini-vacation at home with the hubs and kids. We have all sorta fun stuff planned like cookie baking, a road trip & I am sure a few crazy stories!
Have a great Holiday!

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