Sunday, December 11, 2011

Margaritas & Wintery Bliss

I am a member of this awesome website called Crowdtap. It is a great site where you get rewarded for ideating & promoting with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits & startups. Shoot me an email if you wanna join and I can send you a referral!
Through Crowdtap, Old Navy was doing a sampling event for their new winter line. I was one of the lucky members who got chosen to host a Bundle-up Bash in store party! Lucky me!

I had no idea what to expect until I got my packet in the mail & I was surprised at the coupons they sent for this event. 3 friends & I were able to go to the store try on all their pretty sweaters, hats, scarfs and pants, then pick an outfit we loved the most & get it for free. How cool is that!
We had a pre-funk at Los Cabos, which is a small Mexican restaurant across from the mall. We had a great time getting caught up and having some nice girly talk time!

We made our way over to the Old Navy & I have to say I am not sure if we picked the time to go. The store was packed! There were people everywhere & we stuck out while we went around the store taking pictures. I think shoppers thought we were some kind of entourage or something. There were so many possibilities, I had a hard time picking something out. Plus I hate trying on clothes let alone coming out of the dressing room to parade my butt around so this was a feat for me!

These are the awesome ladies that participated with me:

Here are some of the clothes we tried:

The polka dot sweater looked so good laying on the table but as soon as I put it on it was a disaster!
This Old Navy had some great sweaters but some were in questionable colors...hello 80's! But we had a great time finding ones.

I saw this green sweater and instantly fell in love, even though Sherrill told me to wear it to my ugly Christmas sweater party. Thanks Sherrill! I really liked it but I think the color scared me. I am typically a brown, gray, black girl. So I put it back & let me tell you I have done nothing but think of that darn sweater since then. I think I may go back and get it. 
I love the sweater I eventually picked out, although I did not have one single picture of it & guess what it is black, gray and white...go figure. 

We all had pretty good luck with the pants selections. We all pretty much loved our first pairs.
We saw a lot of stuff we wished could have been considered a winter accessory.

We spent the entire day being complete goof balls!

The store employees were good on the most part. None of them had any idea what we were doing, but pretty much left us alone as we ran through the store posing for pictures. The only thing that happened was there was an overzealous dressing room attendant. She kept cleaning all our stuff out and even took Sherrill's shirt and coat she had worn into the store!

Overall I think we had a good run! It was nice to get away, have a girl day & have someone else buy you a whole outfit.

Thanks Crowdtap & Old Navy!

Disclaimer: Crowdtap provided copupons to Old Navy for me and three friends to share. We were able to pick out one sweater, one bottom and a winter accrssory. All opinions in this review are solely mine and maybe some of my friend mixed in..

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