Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Picture fail

...actually it was not that big of a fail, they did provide me with hours of entertainment and I laughed so hard that Steven thought I was crazy (like he already didn't know that!)
So it came down to the time where we all gather in front of the Christmas tree to take pictures for our annual Christmas card. Against my suggestion of having them professionally done, Steven wanted to do what we do every year and use a timer and prop our camera on some books (we always lose our tripod). So we got all the kids ready to go and I checked myself in the mirror about 50 times and prepared to do it.
Our tradition is we get a nice one in, where everyone keeps their hands to them self, smiles nice and tries to look at the camera. Next we do goofy ones, which the kids love.
This year the kids wanted to do only the goofy ones and skip the nice ones. I was actually having a good time, it is usually always me that gets annoyed that things are not going as planned. This year it was Steven's turn.

Fail #1 - we tried to incorporate Charlee in our picture. As sweet as this may be it actually was not a great idea. She laid down ok in front of us but decided that giving everyone kisses was her mission. Case in point with this picture:

Second mistake with Charlee, for some reason Jash does not like her & when she laid down next to him he freaked out every time.

Fail #2 - Getting an infant to look at the camera is a daunting task. Our camera has a timer that you can set & it will take 3 pictures one right after the other. This is a great option if you have children. Sawyer would watch Steven set the timer run over and sit down. He was so intrigued by this that every first picture he had his head turned.
By the third picture he would be looking at the camera just because it flashed.

Fail #3 - Jash refused to be serious, you gotta give the kid props, he had me rolling when I looked back at the photos. Not sure if he just had extra sugar in his cereal that morning or what.
He tried to give everyone bunny ears:

He even tried to give his Dad one, which was a big mistake & this is what was caught on camera when he tried:

Steven grabbed the back of his shirt & pulled his arm down....look at that face of terror. Notice Steven's cool exterior! I blurred him out so the focus was on Jash's face. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

He just was an all around goof ball & could not sit straight for nothing!

 Which brings us to this one, out of all the photos this is the one that would have been our nice photo, everyone looked good, Sawyer was facing the camera, & Sebastien did not look half baked or Chinese. I have no idea what the heck Jash is doing in this photo, punching himself, or punching his brother or yelling "To the Death!".

At this point Steven had just had it, can you tell?

I had to make due with what we had.
The only thing that disappointed me was that Jash got to do all the goofy ones & ruined it for the rest of us.
Whatcha gonna do?

Silly kids.....

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