Tuesday, December 27, 2011

and like that it was all over (our christmas in pictures)

That is exactly how I felt this morning as I got up and realized it is back to the good ole routine.
After having 4 days off, sitting in your pj's, enjoying the kids and actually getting to see your husband for more than 30 minutes in one day, I certainly was not ready to be snapped back into reality as the alarm went off this morning.

We had a great weekend and Sawyer totally rocked his first Christmas and found out he had fungus in his pants.......don't worry it is almost cleared up.

Friday, we dealt with Group Health (not liking them) and Sawyer's fungus (gross) and did what 99 percent of the population did that day, shop!
After we spend way too much money, we went on a road trip to Shelton to spend Christmas Eve Eve with Steven's family. We did a pre-Christmas dinner with the world's best turkey (sorry honey) and a 13 lb prime rib.

This turkey was so juicy and good, that even Steven bowed down to it.

This was only half of the prime rib. We cut it in half in order to have a well done one & this one is the rare  bloody one

Sawyer being a ham

Spending some time with Great Grandma

grubbing on a candy cane!

 Their magnificent tree that we were soooo jealous about!

our kids being themselves!

Sawyer giving cousin Brittanie some love.

Sebastien got a drum set!

Steven's face at seeing the said drum set!

Everyone enjoying the drums



Christmas Eve was spent making all...ALL our cookies and this year we decided to try something new for dinner. We each made our own pizza. This turned out so good & the kids had a blast. I think this will become a new tradition. Sometimes we will have to alternate days when we do this, since we only get Jash Christmas Eve/Christmas morning every other year. Steven showed some mad skills with the pizza dough.

 Check Jash on this one.....I swear the camera just catches his craziness!

We have odd children, we totally had to wake them up on Christmas morning! Steven & I got up at 6am and ran around the house yelling "Santa was here...come look, Santa was here" Sebastien refused at first to get out of bed (remember he is so not a morning kid) By the time they came out to the tree all the grumpiness had disappeared and paper chaos ensued......

Santa brought both the kids wands, Sebastien got a light up Harry Potter and Jash got Dumbledore's
Can't you tell he's excited.

Sawyer's Stocking

Thanks Aunt Wendy, Uncle Tony & Riley

Thanks you Aunt Wendy, Uncle Tony, & Riley

Chaos I tell you!

look what Santa brought Sawyer...& let me tell you he loves it!

even Charlee got some love from Santa!

Uncle Mark, Aunt Becky & Madison came by to visit later in the afternoon and this is what no nap looks like, especially when your parents burst into your room screaming something about Santa before the sun even came up!

visiting with Auntie

Johnathon & Sebastien putting together his cool race track

 aww...this is why I did not want our mini vacation to end!

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