Thursday, December 15, 2011

yes...we are Santa snobs.

We took the boys this afternoon to see Santa. For the past few years we have done this at the Macy's downtown. The Santa there has always been the real deal, you know all 34th Street.
They have a nifty website calendar that you can go on and see which Santa is "on duty" for each day & time slot. This way if you are all neurotic like us you can stalk track which Santa you want for your picture. Well this year I was surprised to find our that Macy's decided not have the same company it has been using for their Santaland these past few years.  So we went in blindly.

Downtown right after Thanksgiving you start to see the construction of Santa's workshop outside the Nordstrom store front. When it is finished it sure is a sight. But once Santa lands his big butt on that velvety chair all heck breaks loose. The lines are huge and their picture prices are out of whack. $39.99 for a picture with Santa... The lines get so busy that they have cops out directing traffic! So off to Macy's we go & you know what we have never had to wait in line, ever. Plus their Santa was great...told you the real deal. So I was disappointed to learn that the Santa we have all come to love was gone this year. I still gave Macy's the benefit of the doubt, especially after we walked past that long line at Nordstroms & laughed even harder at them when we saw they had a totally "fake" Santa with an awful beard! You all know what I am talking about.

Now don't get me wrong, I know Santa is Santa & all of us have to make a living, but there is just something magical about the guys that take on the persona. Real beard, real white hair...come on you know you're with me.

So we trek up to the 6th floor to find Santaland. We enter after having a nice chat with the elves. Santa's sitting on his chair & guess what is staring back at me....a fake beard. My heart sank. I almost grabbed the kids to get out of there but they were all ready with their coats off and the elves were guiding Sebastien over.  Yes, I admit the beard was not that bad and he was friendly enough but I had visions of the  "f" word dancing in my head. I know and I totally admit it I am a Santa snob.

Feeling ashamed of myself as I paid for the picture. (which did not turn out that bad) Steven came up (who had been silent this whole time during my turmoil) & took the picture to inspect it. He looked at me & said "We are totally taking them again next week to a better Santa...did you see his fake beard & hair....what happened to the Santa they had last year?"

You know that moment when you realize there is only one person put on this earth for you? Well it was one of those moments. Isn't love grand?

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