Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ow! Charlee bit me.

This is Charlee (no she did not bite anyone, we just like teasing her)

She is our 4th kid and the royal pain in the butt. She is also my ally and my only common ground in the house full of boys! We girls stick together, well most of time. Sometimes the boys can lure her with anything edible, soft and plushy or a shoe. I don't hold a grudge because I always share my bacon with her and that right there is an unbreakable bond!
Charlee is a wonderful dog, she undertakes every day with such enthusiasm even when all the kids pile on top of her, stick their fingers in her eyes, ears and mouth, or even when I use her as my foot stool.

She is one of Sebastien's best buds!

 She once tried to eat a sour gummy worm, decided she didn't like it & left it in the middle of the floor. A few seconds later she walked past it and scooped it up in her mouth and spit it out. She did this like 10 times until I finally picked it up and threw it away. We just imagined her going "what's that? -oh candy, bleck" each & every time she did this.

She makes us smile everyday and loves everyone unconditionally.
She may chew on my shoes time to time or lick butter out of the container when your not looking but I truly think she has completed our family (even more so now that good ole' Junior is gone) &  is a perfect puzzle piece to fit into our hectic lives. Charlee was 8 weeks old when she joined the family & is now 4. She has been through it all watching Sebastien grow up and now Sawyer.  I can not imagine our lives with out her.

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