Monday, October 31, 2011

The Players

aka: Jashy, pain in the butt
Age: 10
Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Saying: "Washing Chow" (I think he thinks he is speaking Chinese when saying this. I swear I hear this 100 times over the course of a weekend)
Totally into: Wizardry - he stole borrowed my plastic Halloween cauldron and waves his hand over it chanting. (this could be scary)


aka: booba, also pain in the butt
Age: 4 going on 26
Favorite Food: at the moment salad! (can you believe it!)
Favorite Saying: "I thought you loved me" or "I'm so hunnnngrry"(exactly how he says it)
Totally into: Chucky and the Green Lantern. He even knows how to spell green.

aka: boogie, future pain in the butt
Age: 7 months
Favorite Food: Food ....period
Favorite Saying: Mama (that's right!) or growling if he is not saying "mama"
Totally into: crawling around the floor discovering everything and unfortunately power outlets.

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