Thursday, November 3, 2011

You can't handle the tooth.....

After 2 months of constant drooling, shoving anything and everything in his mouth, & extra fussiness, we have had a break through!
I was feeding Sawyer dinner & decided to shove my finger in his mouth to feel around...hey it's so not an intrusion, it's my right!(well, at least until he can actually bite my finger in protest) There it all its glory. I could feel the bumpy white mass popping up through  his gums! And just a few days ago the other one popped up to say hello too!
I should not complain because his teething has not been that bad (knocking on wood) compared to some horror stories I've heard, I am thankful both boys did and most likely (knocking on wood again) will go through this with little or no effort on our part. Only 18 more to go, so hopefully the rest will go easy peasy as the first two.

Looks like he can handle the tooth!

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