Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dog Food Fight

I have no idea why my children are so infatuated with dog food. It's not like I sat down & munched on it as a snack when I was pregnant. Sebastien was about 10 months when we found him sitting along side Junior (our long lost oldie doggie) in the kitchen and snapped a picture. When I uploaded the photos from the camera onto the computer & started looking through them, I noticed something peculiar about this photo. Sebastien had his face turned to the camera with a big open mouthed smile, when I zoomed in on his mouth I saw a big ole' mouth full of dog food! Yuck, great, everyone is going to think I feed my kid dog food. We have shown this picture to Sebastien & he was not impressed.
So when  I searched for this photo & could not find it in any of our files, I asked him about it & he just laughed at me. I really don't think he erased it... 4 year olds can't do that right?...unless he knew it was in our revenge file.


Which brings me to this,  I was not surprised when I walked into the kitchen to this.......

Thankfully Sawyer has not been in the kitchen at the same time when there has been food in the bowl but he sure thinks Charlee's bowls are the best things since puffed cereal & tries his darnedest to get that bowl in his mouth.

Note to self: clean out Charlee's bowls more often they are way too gross!

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