Monday, November 21, 2011

Big fricking turkey!

We had a productive weekend. I actually felt accomplished Sunday night, which sometimes  is a rarity.
We got up early Saturday morning and headed off to do our turkey shopping. We filled up two carts! Two carts people!
We found the turkeys at the bottom of a standing freezer. Can you believe the store had none in their nice meat section with their chest like freezers, where it is easier to find the one you want. Where you could simply bend over and move them with ease.
No, we pretty much had to get on our hands and knees to even see into the shelf.
See, we were not looking for just any turkey, we were looking for a big fricking turkey!
We started handing over turkeys after checking their weight like we were part of a production line. Each of us pulling the tags and reading the weights out loud. Steven & I were totally immersed in the freezer. With just our butts sticking out, I am sure we were sight. After accosting like 20 turkeys and stacking 10 of them on the floor. We finally saw it way in the back, the motherload of all turkeys, the notorious 24 pounder!
This baby is huge! This will be our 5th year hosting Thanksgiving. We will have to see if we top last years!
We need a big fricking turkey! If we cooked a regular sized one we would have an uproar, a revolution, it would not be pretty! Last year we ate an entire 22 pound turkey in one sitting. No left over turkey sandwiches, no turkey omelets,  leftover turkey this or leftover turkey that last year. All that was left at the end of the night was a picked clean turkey carcass, I think even some of the bones were missing!
 This year we will actually have some elbow room. We have graduated from our small apartment where we would stuff in 25 people. We will actually get to have a sit down at a table dinner. Last year everyone just popped a squat where they could. We had people in the living room, dinning room and even in the kitchen. The whole apartment was the dinner table! And to top it all off our oven in the apartment stopped working the night before Thanksgiving right in the middle on baking pies! Thank goodness for the maintenance guy that was nice enough to find us one in a vacant unit at 9pm. I am hoping this one we will get a breather......
I am thankful for this big fricking turkey, our family that we love so dear even as they stand in the kitchen and ask every 20 minutes when dinner is or if it is done yet,  my husband who rocks and makes the best darn big fricking turkey and cheesecake every year, for my kids that love this holiday as much as we do & love helping stuff the big fricking turkey, because their mom gets grossed out shoving her hand up a turkey's butt, to nieces and nephews that make prank calls to everyone in your cell phone phonebook on Thanksgiving night, asking them if their refrigerator is running or if they like to wear lipstick, to family members that lift up their dresses to show you a bruise on their stomach, but forgot they were not wearing underwear, yes I am thankful for all these things because I look forward to whatever comes our way and I love our family because they make our lives what they are & I would not want to change a thing. So here's to you Thanksgiving and all that it may bring!

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