Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No more Sawyers jumping on the bed...

one fell off & bumped his head.
Yesterday was not a good day.
Mornings in our house are chaotic at best. Some mornings are better than others. It starts at 5:10am when I finally drag myself out of bed after hitting the snooze button too many times. Sometimes the mornings start earlier depending on Sawyer's alarm clock, his stomach. His model unfortunately did not come standard with a snooze option.
Remember the last post about the teething being no problem, well I obviously did not knock on wood hard enough. This last week he has been getting up every 2-3 hours & wanting to eat. Either these teeth are some major doozies or he is going through the biggest growth spurt & before I know it I am going be lugging a linebacker around.
We rush through the morning, me throwing clothes everywhere trying to figure out what to where to work and cursing myself for not thinking of this the night before, getting Sebastien dressed, Sawyer feed, changed & dressed. I blow dry my hair for all of a minute & 30 seconds, half ass my makeup application, & argue with Sebastien about the importance of brushing his teeth (this happens every morning people!) All the while Charlee sits in the background crossing her legs and doing the potty dance.
Normally during our morning routine the kids pile up on our bed and get dressed, have one minute play time and hang out until I am ready to scoot them out the door. Yesterday morning changed this. Sawyer in his new found independence, can now sit up on his own, even from a laying position, can lunge for an object without fear of the consequences & do a running crawl to get away from you. Gone are the days of infancy when he would just lay there and the thought of being mobile had not crossed his mind yet.
We where getting him ready & he decided to lunge off the bed for something. I was not quick enough & he landed square on his head, on the floor. Not just any floor but hardwood floor, with a hard bang. I swear it happened in slow motion, Sebastien & I dove for him as he fell outside our grasps.
He sat there for a few seconds and started crying, then I picked him up and started crying too.
He was fine after a few minutes of hugs & smothering kisses. By the time I dropped him off at daycare he had a big red shiner at the top of his forehead.
I spent the whole day worrying about him and thinking how bad of a mother I was for letting him fall off the bed. I kept hearing all those horrible jokes in my head about people being off because they were dropped on their heads as babies. By the time I made it home after work and 3 calls to daycare to make sure he was ok, the shiner was gone and all was forgotten by him especially after I bribed gave him a rice husk cookie.
He looks like this becasue his mother
dropped him on his head once.

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