Tuesday, January 31, 2012

gettin' jiggle with it

yup, that is exactly what I did last night.
I received a package in the mail yesterday! I was so excited as I opened it up & saw Jillian Michaels staring back at me. My 30 day Shred baby!
I am so not an exercise dvd gal, shoot I am not even an exercise gal period. So after being mistakenly identified as someone who is pregnant, a friend suggested this dvd. So off to Amazon I went and ordered this bad boy.
I fed the kids, threw them in the shower & we started this adventure together. That was a big mistake.
At first Sebastien was my cheerleader. "Come on Mommy you can do it" or "Come on Mommy you look so much prettier than those ladies on TV"
Ok so the last one was a stretch. I did like him pushing me & telling me I could do it, but then the laughter ensued. Not little 4 year old giggles, no, I am talking about hysterical laughter. As I was doing jumping jacks, I thought is my son laughing at me? He laughed the whole 20 minutes of the workout. When I asked him what he was laughing at he just replied  "nuttin"
I discussed this with Steven this morning & all I got out of him was that he was mad that I exercised in front of Sebastien but have told him flat out I will not do this in front of him. Husbands! Like I want him to see all the wrong jiggle while Ms. Michaels is yelling at you 4 more!
Lets just say I am sore as .... today, that 20 minutes totally kicked my butt & now all the boys in my house are banned from watching me get jiggle with anything!

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