Wednesday, January 25, 2012

weight loss train

toot, is time for me to board this train for real!

A few days ago I was working at my desk, a co-worker that works on-call & whom I have not seen in a while came up to say hi. We had a nice chat & before he meandered off asked "So we having a boy or girl" pointing at my stomach. I turned to see if maybe he was talking to someone behind me, only to see my desk staring back at me. I smiled politely as a vision passed through my head of strangling him. I laughed it off & told him nope just baby fat from the last one. I could clearly see he was embarrassed but I just wanted to instinctively run and find a corner where I could curl up into the fetal position and cry my little eyes out.

I think this is where I hit rock bottom. I have been always wanting to lose a few here & there. After Sebastien was born, I told myself I was going to work it all off. I gained like 45 pounds with that boy! I did ok for a while but I hit a bump & stopped trying. I even went to the gym 3 days a week & the whole nine yards, but life just got in the way.With Sawyer I was a little better & only gained like 11 pounds, but those boys have done a wonder to my stomach. It is like I have a fanny pack around my waist.
I confess I hate having a muffin top. I never truly knew what this meant until I tried to squeeze my bigger butt into my pre-pregnant pants. It was not pretty people!

After going home & doing a marathon Splash Dance workout  thinking, I realized that I just liked to bitch about it more than I wanted to do anything about it. It was always an excuse.
I realized that there are a few things I need to change:
  1. I want to eat healthier. I think we do ok, but I know we can do better. With our busy lives it is hard not to just grab or throw some kind of food object from a box at each other. I also realized Steven fries everything & I mean EVERYTHING! While that may be good once in a while, I do not think our weekly meal of fried eggrolls, potstickers, or tatar tots is all that good for us.
  2. Alcohol - yes I like to throw down some, sometimes too much. When I used to count calories or tried the whole weight watcher points thing, I would purposely eat lower foods to make sure I had left over calories or points for drinks.....that's just not right. Beer is packed with way too many calories. A few brewskies practically equals a meal!
  3. I need to get my butt up and move. I walk every where & I have the legs & calves to prove it. It is just the rest I need to work on. I have curves in all the wrong places. I used to think my Wii Fit was the answer until after a month it sat in our TV cabinet collecting dust. 
So instead of wanting to kill this fellow co-worker (for the record, I do not think I look at all pregnant) & then crawl into a hole & die, I want to thank him for making me see the error in my ways. Also for making me realize that as much as I bitch about something nothing is going to happen unless I make it happen.
I now have some extra mini-goals in my 52 week challenge & I am actually thankful for it!

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