Sunday, January 22, 2012

snowmageddon & randomness

 Last weekend was.....fab-u-lous, as weekends goes.
4 days to spend lounging...yeah right!
I took Friday off & let me tell you I am glad I did. We did a mini marathon of Hellraiser on Thursday, we got through 4 of the movies. Did you know there are 8 of them! We calculated that if we were to start the movies at 7pm and watch them through to the end that it would be 7am before we finished! Well we only made it through 4 but had a blast!
We visited with family on Friday and pretty much lounged around the house. Saturday we ventured out and went to our local cheapy theatre and saw "In Time" yes it has Justin Timberlake in it, but it is a kinda sci-fi, parallel to how our society is film. It was not actually that bad.
And we just had some time for this,

Sunday we woke to this!

I am glad it started to hit over the weekend. Whenever is snows in Seattle it is like the world stops.

We put Sawyer in a snow suit and plopped his butt out there in the snow. By the look on his face I am not sure what he thought. The snow flakes started to accumulate on his eye lashes and he would not move them!

Charlee had a blast, she ran around trying to eat the snowflakes and making tracks everywhere.

On the goals this week, I got a lot accomplished. I actually folded all the laundry & had it all put away by Sunday night. All 3 of our clothes bins were empty. I think Steven almost had a heart attack when he did not have to dig through a bin to find clothes!
I also tackled the boys rooms. I went through Sebastien toy box & started going through his toys. Man these boys are loaded up on everything imaginable. There were power rangers missing all sorts of limbs, some headless Hulks & just plain weird stuff in there. I am happy to say that after the purging & moving some stuff upstairs to their play area, both of his toy bins have some room.

Wednesday we got hit with another front of snow. This time we got another 5-6 inches. It was crazy! I decided to take a snow day. Who wants to sit on a bus for 2  or more hours to get to work & then turn around for another 2-4 hour bus ride home? Not me!

We took Sebastien sledding & he had a blast. This kid whizzed down those hills like his name was Super Dave. He biffed it a lot, once crashing in some bushes and skidding on his face. He stood up all smiles though!

Wednesday night is when the ice hit. All the tree branches were lined with an inch of ice, even the long strands of grass that was poking up from the snow were encased in ice. This led to the tree branches being to heavy & breaking, creating havoc all over the area. We were out of power well into Friday morning.
We hunkered down with some wood and it was like camping in our living room. We roasted hotdogs in the fire, but totally could have used some marshmallows.

Friday I had to make it to work to finish up some stuff I had on my calendar and totally felt gross that I had to go in without a shower. I was too chicken to get in that cold shower, not for a lack of trying. I turned the shower on & tried to psych myself to jump in there. After about 3 tries, there was no way I was getting in that freezing water.

After snowmegeddon, it was nice to start to get back to normal and the same old routine.

Here are some gratuitous shots I took of Sawyer. I am trying to get that shot so I can make his year old birthday invitations....can you believe it is fast approaching!

oh & by the way I am mourning the shut down of Picnik. When I read the email I literally yelled out NOOOOO!

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