Wednesday, February 1, 2012

love & a hamburger

Sometimes it is just the little things that give our lives so many joys. It could be a hug, a smile, or a compliment.
Today it was a hamburger.
Steven called me up this morning & told me to run down & meet him in the tunnel. The tunnel is our meeting spot when he is at work & just happens to be by my building. That right there almost made my day. When during the week, you only get to see your husband for maybe 30 minutes as you are coming in the door & him off to bed, you tend to steal the smallest of moments to get your time together in.
So I rushed down there & he presented me with this:

If you do not know what Dick's is, you are missing out. They have the best, greasiest and cheapest hamburgers around.(in the NW anyway) I work less than a mile from one but just do not get there often. He knew how much Dick's is a treat for me and totally brought me some! I did hesitate a moment, you know the whole 30 day Shred thingy. (my legs hurt so bad today, that I feel like an old lady getting up and down from my office chair!)
But you know what...........

I totally showed that burger who was boss & washed it down with a Coke Zero, even though secretly I was craving a root beer. That counts for something right?
So with that small gesture, I completely fell in love all over again with that man. Who knew that he could win his way into my heart with a hamburger!

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  1. I freakin' love a good hamburger! :)