Tuesday, January 10, 2012

when it rains it poors....

old age is catching up to me...I now know why all the older people around me are so grumpy all the time.
Seriously is there someone laughing at all the ironic things going on in the everyday world.
So last week rounded out to be not sooo bad. I had a great time on Friday with the girls, watching one of my best friends try on some pretty white dresses and ended the night with nachos and margaritas & girl talk. We took Steven's car in to get fixed & found a very nice local car shop. (you know you have finally achieved adulthood when you have a mechanic!) Turns out just the battery was dead. Which, by the way, stated for the record was what I had originally suspected.  So after a few victory dances with my arms being shoved in the air & my booty flailing about, some in your faces told you so's, & 300 buckaroos saved later, it was all put to rest.
So on Sunday driving my truck down the road the check gauges light comes on and we see our battery gauge run down. Really? So being the adults we are,we take it in to get the battery tested. It's good, so what runs down a battery, an alternator. Now come on! What are the odds that both cars have similar problems days after each other & also what are the frincking odds of us being so happy to have saved some moola on one car just to have it sucked up by the next! Puh-leese!
I actually did ok, I just laughed & laughed. Maybe a little to deliriously. I guess I can look at it like this, at least both alternators did not go out and since we saved money on one car it means we had money to fix the other. Makes sense right?
Another funny thing is, Steven is kind of determined to fix the alternator on the truck himself. Not sure if this is some kind of "I am man, must fix myself" thing or what. I am not sure I am ready to deal with the fix the car Steven who may clash with the I have quit smoking, cutting back on beer for awhile Steven.

Love you Honey!

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