Monday, March 26, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner

I have been trying to be creative with dinner, since we have gotten in the rut of eating pre-made again. I saw this pin on Pinterest & knew I had to try it.

 I followed the link to this blog. I found so many cool recipes & they seem so easy, idiot-proof, & stuff you can whip up in a short time that you may just look like super mom.
I changed up the original recipe to suit our needs.

 I used 3 chicken breasts, plopped them in the crock pot with a can of chicken broth, about half a can of water, some pepper & just a little, ok a lot of garlic. I set the crock pot on low & left for work.
Steven gets home way before I do, so after about 6 hours of them cooking, he took the chicken out & put them into the fridge. When I got home we cut up the chicken & doused it in caesar dressing (the recipe says 1/2 cup to a cup of dressing, we used the whole dang bottle!), added a dash of parsley & some more pepper. We decided to eat it just like that, we did not put it back into the crock pot. We whipped out the ciabatta bread, but the chicken on it & topped it with romaine lettuce & parmesan cheese. Everyone gave it two thumbs up. Even Sebastien said, mmm this is good! This would make a great summer sandwich. I can not wait to try her other recipes!

Sorry for the blurry shot.

Sebastien loved it!

so did Sawyer & I finally got a picture of a smile with teeth!


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