Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want C-A-N-D-Y

I had a glorious long weekend...and I loved every minute of it. Even extra loud children did not phase me.
I got a lovely girl night with a friend, even though my kids ran rampant through her house.  It was much needed & I can not wait to do it again.
We had a fish fry on Friday night to fry up the fish Steven caught that day.
Of course I was a loser & did not take any pictures.
Saturday Steven and I got up early to make his parents a Bart Simpson cake for their birthdays, yup that is how we roll!
I think it turned out good. We had a blast frosting this baby. Our fingers were yellow & red by the time we were done.

The boys coloring eggs....missing is Sawyer, he was fast asleep. I don't think he would have cared much at this age. He would have just tried to drink the colored water.
Sunday, the kids woke up to a line of bunny poop (aka jelly beans) leading them to their baskets. Also it took them 30 minutes to find 11 eggs in our living room. Either they are getting bad at this game or we are just getting better at hiding! Sawyer was pretty excited about his candy...which this year he was able to eat. We only had Jash until 11am so we had to pack a whole bunch of stuff in a little time. (like eating all the candy & watching Chipwrecked)
 We had a great Easter egg hunt with some family. Luckily there were no Charlee eggs found!

our nephew Riley wrap it all up here is some Sebastienism ........
10 minutes before bedtime, Sunday night, Sebastien asked for some candy. When told that it is almost bedtime & it is too late for candy. He responds with,
Him: Well, it's still Easter right?
Me: Yes it is
Him: And we get candy on Easter right?
Me: I just look at him, you know that "mommy look"
Him: Do you want to ruin my Easter by not letting me eat my candy?
Mind you, everyone & I mean everyone had been eating candy all day. Breakfast - Candy, Lunch - Candy, & Dinner - yup, you guessed it Candy!
Me: I just laughed....I guess I totally ruined his Easter.
Really? This boy is 4, people.

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