Monday, March 12, 2012


I have a confession, these are a little old....3 weeks to be exact. I just got the pictures loaded onto the computer tonight.
Our niece turned 5 and everyone celebrated by being bounced, traumatized by the 20 ft slide, and jumping our way into some back pain....i was a blast. The kids had so much that I did not see them for a hour straight! I am thinking this place is the best baby sitter ever. Well if you rent the private room. The public area was nuts. I waved at all the other parents in the public area & related to their torture, if only for a minute.

Sawyer was fearless, this kid played non-stop & he did not care if he was being bounced in the bouncy house, going down the big slide or being a champ in the obstacle course!

Sawyer was also able to get some play time in with Riley. 

He kept trying to give him hugs.

in the bouncy house.

This is the best shot I got of anybody going down the slide. The rest of us were a big blur. This picture pretty much captures how much fun we were having, although Riley looks terrified! This is our sister in-law Wendy. (who looks fantastic!)

My crazy hubby!

The kids definitely slept well that night!


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  1. so when all was done how many threw up lol looks like to much fun ...