Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the lil pink box

that's right I have been waiting for the lil pink box for a month. Ever since I signed up at Birchbox. They send you deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month. I figured this was the price of a bottle of wine & I love me some samples!
So when I got home after work & checked the mail, I was so excited to see my pink box. I rushed inside & we all headed to the kitchen to rip the baby open. The kids & Steven were excited about my package too, only because they usually contain food, candy or other neat stuff.

When I ripped it open & they discovered what was inside their excitement dwindled & mine grew.

Inside the box, everything was neatly wrapped & tied! Here is what I got this month.

  • Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer - I used this last night & this morning & I love it! My face has been so dry with the cold weather. It cleared it right up. No flaky dry skin this morning. It worked better than my Aveeno!
  • Annick GoutalEau D'Hadrien - I am wearing this now. It is a really light perfume. It has hints of citrus, grapefruit & mandarin. I was not sure of the scent, but now I like the smell of it on my body. It's nice but for the 85 bucks they want for the full size it is not that nice.
  • Color Club Nail Lacquer in Jackie Oh! - I cannot wait to rock this. I thought it was a little bright for work. It is a very neon pink!
  • Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser - I tried this last night. It smells kinda weird and it is a really disgustingly looking shade of brown. It is 100% organic & uses botanical ingredients to purify pores. The directions state to use it twice a day to cleanse but this morning when I woke up my face was a little sensitive from it. I think it was burning away the dirt & grime, that's good right?
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - this is an oil you put on your hair to hydrate & smooth your strands. I had to google this to find out how the heck you use it. I guess you can a) smooth it through your hair before you shampoo or b) smooth it into your hair before you blow dry. This morning I tried option A & let me tell you this stuff made my hair so shiny and smooth after I blow dried it. I was worried to use it after the shower thinking it would leave my hair oily. I will try option B when I do not have to be seen in public just in case. The full size bottle of this stuff is pricey, for 54 bucks I might just make the sample last.
  • Tea Forte Skin Smart Teas - according to the packaging these are mega-antioxidant tea that helps skin look more radiant. I got 3 flavors to try, cherry marzipan, cucumber mint & lychee coconut. I tried the cherry & it was yummy! I am sure you would have to drink a gamillion of these things to really see any improvement in skin, I am sure my lil sample of 3 will not make that much of a difference but if it does I'll let you know.

Well that has been my excitement for the past few days. Some of these things will compliment the very busy weeks we have ahead! Steven is my date tomorrow to an arts event at SAM & we get to see the Gauguin & Polynesia exhibit everyone has been raving about & to top it all off we have a babysitter until 11pm! Not only do we get a night away from the kiddos, but a reception with free food, free wine and a tour of excited!

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