Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We have been busy these last two weeks.

This little man is now 11 months! Almost party time to celebrate the big one! I am so excited!

He has both of his top teeth breaking through this week and he is not happy about it. They look huge, some of the tooth is breaking through the front of his gums & it looks painful. Steven is saying they look like Chiclets.
For about a month both Sebastien & I have been singing "Where's your teeth at...where your teeth at" sung to the rhythm of "Where's your head at" you know that song by Basement Jaxx. I think the teeth broke through because he was tired of our horrible singing.
He is also semi-walking. Semi as in he gets up, takes about 4-5 steps, laughs his butt off & decides to crawl the rest of the way. I have no video or pictures. When he sees me whip out a camera he refuses to do it. He decides now is the time for shyness!

We have been trying to steal moments of nice weather to tackle our yard. It is seriously scary people! It is like an alien life-form has taken over all the plant life. Think of it as a body snatcher but for plants. This alien is called the sticker bush or blackberry bushes. Some of those vines were more than 10 feet long and several inches around & those suckers hurt! Even after we cut some of them down, they still got you. Our yard is run over with them. After clearing out some space, we found a weird huge nest of dead twigs, hopefully there was not a horrible creature that was calling it home, because it may come looking for us now that we tear it down. The kids unknowingly had a blast. If they only knew. I told Steven we better get them now before they realize this is a chore and then we have to bribe pay them allowance to do it!

Valentines was this week, Charlee was a wonderful dog & decided to celebrate without us. Sebastien & I made 24 cupcakes, 12 for him & Sawyer & then the rest for home. We stayed up until 9:30 at night frosting & sprinkling those babies. The ones for daycare thankfully made it there in one piece but when we got home later that day, Charlee had decided to help herself to the rest. How that dog got them off the counter (i pushed them way back, back enough where Sebastien had to get a chair to reach them) & pry off the LOCKED top of our cake pan is beyond me. I guess she really wanted them.

Don't they look good!

Sebastien filling out his valentines like a kindergartner!

.........and last I bought new shoes yesterday. Not my usual pair of shoes, I saw them & thought they were fun, plus they were on clearance. These shoes have no traction. They do not do well on all the polished floors here at my work. Lets just say I did not need any help in my clumsiness department.

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