Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lesson learned

We went to sit at the dinner table tonight & Sebastien comes running in, sits down & stares at me.
We have been eating leftovers since Monday night. I made my awesome sausage stew, thinking my family would appreciate my culinary excellence.
"This again" he whines at me.
At this point I am annoyed, so I start the "there are people less fortunate talk"
 I tell him that there are people out there less fortunate than us that would love a good meal and go without eating. He turns & looks at me, I am cutting Sawyer's sausage up thinking it is sinking in.
"Well, lets get in the car, drive around until we find these people & I will give them mine"
Every quintessential parent talk I have given this kid, he has thrown back in my face!
What a turd!

At least Sawyer loved it, then again I swear this kid will eat anything you put in front of him.

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