Friday, April 20, 2012

one of those days

it has just been one of those days & the day just started. I am glad it is Friday & that is an under statement!
I stayed up way too late last night playing nba jam with the hubby. Yes, nba jam. That this morning I actually took a nap on the bus & slept through my stop. I was woken up by the bus driving yelling 'last stop' & laughing at me! I had to stop & get a coffee to try to wake up. Coffee & an empty stomach just doesn't mix well! I got to work & was talking to a co-worker, when she busted out laughing. She then asked me if I knew my sweater was inside out. haha, Yeah that is just how I like wearing my clothes. It was just a cardigan, but still!
Hopefully this day will get better.

It was like Christmas this week with the mail.....

my Birchbox for April. I am loving the J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve. It is amazing!

earring kits from Pick Your Plum. I absolutely love this website. They are kind of like a daily deal site where they post stuff for crafting, clothing, baking supplies, home decor and other fabulous finds.
I can not wait to come up with something cute for some these babies...I am thinking some cheery spring spray paint color!

they always throw in a laffy taffy my envelopes!

I also got these from them too. I am going to cover them with chalkboard paint. I have some uses for the larger ones, like first day of school sayings for Sebastien. Who, by the way is starting Kindergarten this year. Scary!

I tried e.l.f . I have heard some great stuff about their products & finally had to try them. A few weeks ago they were offering free shipping, which is a whopping $6.95. So I loaded up my cart with these goodies. I was so excited when they came in the mail!

So far my faves are their nail polish. The one on the left is Lilac & I love it! One coat & it was all done. All I have to do today is look at my fingers & toes to cheer up on this rainy day.

Everyone else at the house were not as excited about my little surprises in the mail this week. If they can't eat it or play with it they could care less.

here is a little Sebastienism in picture form:

Excuse me as I curl up under my desk & take a nap.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

laughed so hard almost pee'd myself

true story......


I have been looking at this link up over at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers for the past few days & laughed so hard...instead of working hard..shh, that I just had to try it on us.

Here is mine....I tried to find the most flattering picture of me (I don't do pictures well)

No. 1

Match: 67%
Match: 66%
Match: 65%
Match: 65%
Match: 64%
Kristen StewartTiger WoodsCondoleezza RiceMariah CareyBritney Spears
Kristen Stewart
Tiger Woods
Condoleezza Rice
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears

 I'll take Kristen, just not her personality..oh burn! But Tiger ok or Condoleeza?

Here is Steven's. I swear the only good picture I had of him straight on, he always had his glasses on.
Face No. 1

Match: 59%
Match: 59%
Match: 58%
Match: 58%
Match: 57%
Britney SpearsRoberto CavalliGeorge ClooneyParis HiltonAnna Faris
Britney Spears
Roberto Cavalli
George Clooney
Paris Hilton
Anna Faris

Opps,I did it again...just cause I did not think Britney was a good match. I guess we have her in common!
I tried an older picture this time...with some pubic I didn't.

Match: 85%
Match: 79%
Match: 79%
Match: 79%
Match: 78%
JK RowlingOscar de la RentaBen KingsleyJulianne MooreGabrielle Union
JK Rowling
Oscar de la Renta
Ben Kingsley
Julianne Moore
Gabrielle Union

Haha! JK Rowling!

Here is the site so you can try it on yourself!

Friday, April 13, 2012

things a four year should not be saying

it has happened, that dreaded realization that your children suspect that you are doing more behind that closed bedroom door then talking or trying to find socks.
Here is a Sebastienism for ya....
Steven & I were watching a movie the other night. We sent Sebastien upstairs to watch a movie in the tv room since the movie we were watching was not very kid appropriate.
After a while Sebastien comes down for whatever (he likes to spy on us) & of course he comes barreling through the door right at a scene where Daniel Craig is getting it on (we had rented the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), if you know what I mean. We paused it as quick as we could & Sebastien runs into the bathroom. He does his business, comes out & stops at the couch. He turns to us & says
"Oh so that is what you guys do in your bedroom when you tell us to watch something on Netflix"
Whaaaaa? Let me tell you my mouth hit the floor; I was totally astounded, disgusted and trying so hard not to laugh at the same time. Now for the record, the few seconds he saw was just the beginning of the scene & all he saw was some kissing if even that so this was an innocent proclamation, but still it freaked me out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want C-A-N-D-Y

I had a glorious long weekend...and I loved every minute of it. Even extra loud children did not phase me.
I got a lovely girl night with a friend, even though my kids ran rampant through her house.  It was much needed & I can not wait to do it again.
We had a fish fry on Friday night to fry up the fish Steven caught that day.
Of course I was a loser & did not take any pictures.
Saturday Steven and I got up early to make his parents a Bart Simpson cake for their birthdays, yup that is how we roll!
I think it turned out good. We had a blast frosting this baby. Our fingers were yellow & red by the time we were done.

The boys coloring eggs....missing is Sawyer, he was fast asleep. I don't think he would have cared much at this age. He would have just tried to drink the colored water.
Sunday, the kids woke up to a line of bunny poop (aka jelly beans) leading them to their baskets. Also it took them 30 minutes to find 11 eggs in our living room. Either they are getting bad at this game or we are just getting better at hiding! Sawyer was pretty excited about his candy...which this year he was able to eat. We only had Jash until 11am so we had to pack a whole bunch of stuff in a little time. (like eating all the candy & watching Chipwrecked)
 We had a great Easter egg hunt with some family. Luckily there were no Charlee eggs found!

our nephew Riley wrap it all up here is some Sebastienism ........
10 minutes before bedtime, Sunday night, Sebastien asked for some candy. When told that it is almost bedtime & it is too late for candy. He responds with,
Him: Well, it's still Easter right?
Me: Yes it is
Him: And we get candy on Easter right?
Me: I just look at him, you know that "mommy look"
Him: Do you want to ruin my Easter by not letting me eat my candy?
Mind you, everyone & I mean everyone had been eating candy all day. Breakfast - Candy, Lunch - Candy, & Dinner - yup, you guessed it Candy!
Me: I just laughed....I guess I totally ruined his Easter.
Really? This boy is 4, people.

Monday, March 26, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner

I have been trying to be creative with dinner, since we have gotten in the rut of eating pre-made again. I saw this pin on Pinterest & knew I had to try it.

 I followed the link to this blog. I found so many cool recipes & they seem so easy, idiot-proof, & stuff you can whip up in a short time that you may just look like super mom.
I changed up the original recipe to suit our needs.

 I used 3 chicken breasts, plopped them in the crock pot with a can of chicken broth, about half a can of water, some pepper & just a little, ok a lot of garlic. I set the crock pot on low & left for work.
Steven gets home way before I do, so after about 6 hours of them cooking, he took the chicken out & put them into the fridge. When I got home we cut up the chicken & doused it in caesar dressing (the recipe says 1/2 cup to a cup of dressing, we used the whole dang bottle!), added a dash of parsley & some more pepper. We decided to eat it just like that, we did not put it back into the crock pot. We whipped out the ciabatta bread, but the chicken on it & topped it with romaine lettuce & parmesan cheese. Everyone gave it two thumbs up. Even Sebastien said, mmm this is good! This would make a great summer sandwich. I can not wait to try her other recipes!

Sorry for the blurry shot.

Sebastien loved it!

so did Sawyer & I finally got a picture of a smile with teeth!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the lil pink box

that's right I have been waiting for the lil pink box for a month. Ever since I signed up at Birchbox. They send you deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month. I figured this was the price of a bottle of wine & I love me some samples!
So when I got home after work & checked the mail, I was so excited to see my pink box. I rushed inside & we all headed to the kitchen to rip the baby open. The kids & Steven were excited about my package too, only because they usually contain food, candy or other neat stuff.

When I ripped it open & they discovered what was inside their excitement dwindled & mine grew.

Inside the box, everything was neatly wrapped & tied! Here is what I got this month.

  • Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer - I used this last night & this morning & I love it! My face has been so dry with the cold weather. It cleared it right up. No flaky dry skin this morning. It worked better than my Aveeno!
  • Annick GoutalEau D'Hadrien - I am wearing this now. It is a really light perfume. It has hints of citrus, grapefruit & mandarin. I was not sure of the scent, but now I like the smell of it on my body. It's nice but for the 85 bucks they want for the full size it is not that nice.
  • Color Club Nail Lacquer in Jackie Oh! - I cannot wait to rock this. I thought it was a little bright for work. It is a very neon pink!
  • Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser - I tried this last night. It smells kinda weird and it is a really disgustingly looking shade of brown. It is 100% organic & uses botanical ingredients to purify pores. The directions state to use it twice a day to cleanse but this morning when I woke up my face was a little sensitive from it. I think it was burning away the dirt & grime, that's good right?
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - this is an oil you put on your hair to hydrate & smooth your strands. I had to google this to find out how the heck you use it. I guess you can a) smooth it through your hair before you shampoo or b) smooth it into your hair before you blow dry. This morning I tried option A & let me tell you this stuff made my hair so shiny and smooth after I blow dried it. I was worried to use it after the shower thinking it would leave my hair oily. I will try option B when I do not have to be seen in public just in case. The full size bottle of this stuff is pricey, for 54 bucks I might just make the sample last.
  • Tea Forte Skin Smart Teas - according to the packaging these are mega-antioxidant tea that helps skin look more radiant. I got 3 flavors to try, cherry marzipan, cucumber mint & lychee coconut. I tried the cherry & it was yummy! I am sure you would have to drink a gamillion of these things to really see any improvement in skin, I am sure my lil sample of 3 will not make that much of a difference but if it does I'll let you know.

Well that has been my excitement for the past few days. Some of these things will compliment the very busy weeks we have ahead! Steven is my date tomorrow to an arts event at SAM & we get to see the Gauguin & Polynesia exhibit everyone has been raving about & to top it all off we have a babysitter until 11pm! Not only do we get a night away from the kiddos, but a reception with free food, free wine and a tour of excited!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

lunch date with nordies

Today was the grand opening of the Nordstroms Rack at Westlake Center. I have been looking forward to this for a year. Nordstroms Rack is one of my favorite stores downtown along with Ross. They used to be a little further down closer to the waterfront. I am not sure them moving closer in walking distance from my office is going to be a great idea to my wallet!

It really is all swanky inside but, there were sooooo many people in there today. It was so crowded that you could not walk down any aisles without bumping into people. I did happen to find some good stuff....only window shopping & creeping today.

These earrings are so cute. I was in earring heaven, there were 3 big huge racks!

cute springy purse.

I saw these & wanted them.

They are even doing point of sale check out. Lets say you want those sparkly shoes & you do not want to go all the way to the cashier & then have to wait in the outrageously long line. If you see a nordie person with a green coat, standing around, they can check you out right there in the middle of the store! Then they will email your receipt so you always have it. How cool is that!?!

On top of all that, they were serving up free hotdogs for the opening, so I got a free lunch out of it too!

This post was not a paid endorsment, I just have been so excited about them moving closer in a much prettier and nicer space.