Friday, April 13, 2012

things a four year should not be saying

it has happened, that dreaded realization that your children suspect that you are doing more behind that closed bedroom door then talking or trying to find socks.
Here is a Sebastienism for ya....
Steven & I were watching a movie the other night. We sent Sebastien upstairs to watch a movie in the tv room since the movie we were watching was not very kid appropriate.
After a while Sebastien comes down for whatever (he likes to spy on us) & of course he comes barreling through the door right at a scene where Daniel Craig is getting it on (we had rented the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), if you know what I mean. We paused it as quick as we could & Sebastien runs into the bathroom. He does his business, comes out & stops at the couch. He turns to us & says
"Oh so that is what you guys do in your bedroom when you tell us to watch something on Netflix"
Whaaaaa? Let me tell you my mouth hit the floor; I was totally astounded, disgusted and trying so hard not to laugh at the same time. Now for the record, the few seconds he saw was just the beginning of the scene & all he saw was some kissing if even that so this was an innocent proclamation, but still it freaked me out.

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  1. Oh no! I would have turned beet red if I was in your place. :)